David Miller: Why I Joined CueSquared

An avid sailor in the San Francisco Bay, David Miller jokes that the most important reason he joined CueSquared was because he knew the two founders, brothers Bill and Peter Dolphin, were also sailors.

“I've gotten a chance to sail with Peter on the east coast,” says Miller. “But he's never had the chance to sail with me in San Francisco. I’ll show him what the west coast is like once things open back up. And then of course, Bill lives down in Southern California where it's completely different sailing than it is up here in Northern California.”

hi-im-davidLooking back at his nearly 30 year career in healthcare sales, however, Miller, the new west coast VP of sales for CueSquared, says helping, listening, and working with people to solve challenging problems is one of main reasons his career has been so rewarding and fulfilling.

“People sell apps that do silly things and some of them make a fortune doing it,” Miller says, “But when you look at it there's really nothing more important than healthcare. From saving lives, reducing costs, or improving the patient experience there’s still a lot of challenges to solve for.”

It’s also helped that over the past 30 years healthcare in America has undergone some monumental changes: new technologies and the overall shift in focus to a more value-based care and wellness approach that the country seems to be now pursuing, Miller mentions.

One of the biggest opportunities for healthcare to fix is modernizing the patient payment experience. It’s just not great, especially compared with making payments in just about every other industry. Miller was really impressed with CueSquared’s Direct MobilePay product, which allows patients to easily pay their medical bills via text message.

“This seems like one of the most obvious and simple things to fix,” he says. “People are still opening up paper statements, making phone calls, or going to a portal, to make a payment. It just seemed like this was a logical progression that the rest of the world has pursued and taken to make payments easy for people.” 

A better patient payment experience is something, Miller believes, will have a huge adoption over the next couple of years. 

Aside from helping to solve the challenges of healthcare by connecting with other people, he says the best part of working in healthcare sales is also working alongside other great people.

Joining CueSquared allowed him the opportunity to reconnect with several colleagues from his early days at IDX, including Peter Dolphin, Gibran Cotton, and Scott Rummel.

“The people are the most important equation in any company,” he says. “Who am I going to be working with and for is probably more important to me at this stage of my career. When you're in a fast paced company moving along and doing new things there's a lot of fun that goes along with that.”

What could be better than helping to fix the patient payment experience alongside old friends and colleagues while getting in a few good trips out on the ocean? Not much if you’re David Miller, the new VP of west coast sales for CueSquared.


If you're on a revenue cycle team or billing company on the west coast and want to improve your patient payment experience, reach out to David here.

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