Nova Health Increases Patient Payment Revenue 27%

Nova Health, a primary care, urgent care and physical therapy healthcare clinic network with 28 locations in pacific northwest across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, sought to address increasing patient liabilities.

The Paper Statement Problem

Like most healthcare organizations, Nova already leveraged an omnichannel payment strategy to provide patients with payment options for an improved experience. And yet, they were still leaving a decent and growing percentage of patient revenue on the table. 

When the need to improve patient payment performance prompted a deeper inspection, the team at Nova found their patient payment channels were tethered to a single, traditional, and highly inefficient channel — the paper statement.

The text messaging difference

Through a word-of-mouth referral, Nova Health discovered CueSquared's MobilePay. It took about four weeks from signed contract to going live with patients at the end of 2019.

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 3.25.09 PM

Immediately patients began making payment and by the end of their first week, Nova had hundreds of payments for thousands of dollars -- an instant return on their investment in MobilePay.

We were constantly checking our MobilePay dashboard and shocked at the immediate patient’s response!”, said Brianna Rucker, revenue cycle manager at Nova Health. ”Removing the paper statement requirement really unleashed our patient payment performance.”

The Results

Since the introduction of MobilePay, MobilePay has become the primary payment method by Nova Health patients. Nearly 30% of its total statement volume is paid via MobilePay, with nearly one-fourth of those payments coming on the first day a text notification is sent.

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 11.12.48 AM

As for how quickly MobilePay has impacted its patient revenue? About 72% of its total patient revenue is collected within the first two weeks of sending statements. 

They are measuring AR is hours not months. 

The bottom line is Nova Health has increased total patient revenue 27%, reduced inbound call volume 23%, and realized a 19% reduction in the amount of paper statements they print and mail to patients. 

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