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Redefining the patient payment experience in healthcare

Why I Joined CueSquared: Hugh Merryweather

While most CFOs are content to crunch the numbers and keep the business moving financially...

Mount Sinai Doctors' VP of Rev Cycle: Our Self-Pay Remained Strong During the Pandemic

During the Spring of 2020 at the height of the pandemic in New York City when everything all but...

David Miller: Why I Joined CueSquared

An avid sailor in the San Francisco Bay, David Miller jokes that the most important reason he...

Remove the Barriers for Patients to Pay Their Bill

In 2000, patient payments accounted for only 5% of total healthcare provider revenue. By 2017,...

Consumer Commerce Trends are Killing Healthcare Payments

Patients' perception of healthcare payments is falling fast

The Case for a Direct Mobile Patient Payment Solution

This article originally appeared in HBMA RCM Advisor